The best day of July

So my birthday is finally here! I’m finally sixteen! :) The age where uhh magical things happen to girls (?) Well this year has definitely been great and magical so far and I had a wonderful day today (the best part is that its still not over)! My mom brought all us girls shopping at Mid Valley and what made it extra exciting was that I was carrying my birthday money with me to splurge spend ;)

Needless to say, I had lots of fun trying on clothes and being able to bring them out of the shop with me (emptying my pockets were less fun tho). Shopping is such an expensive but satisfying hobby (not that its my hobby but..)

The first romper that doesn’t look like a potato sack on me <3 

ootd basically and my first retro shades from F21 and a necklace :) The blouse and cardigan were also an early present from my mom.

First item I bought (which was on sale at F21) <3 

Since all of us were fasting, we got tired after 5 hours and decided to call it quits and go home :) 

My wonderful day didn’t end there though, as soon as my phone got connected to wifi, I was bombarded with wonderful and sweet birthday wishes from my friends :) I feel so loved and blessed, thank you :)